Top five essentials every log house should have

Top five essentials every log house should have

Over the last 50 years, the design and architecture of log homes have changed significantly. In the past, they represented something the only royal family could have, but now the situation has changed. Everyone can construct a log cabin, to get away from a city and find a piece of heaven. This type of home is dynamic, natural and vigorous, but there is so much to learn when it comes to planning and decorating. You will find many challenges ahead of you, but they are just one obstacle towards a sweet log retreat. So, here are top five essentials for your log home.

Décor should match your log

When decorating, you should be careful how the things you choose will fit the log and corner style of your home. For example, rustic and casual styles work best with the rough-peeled and dark logs, while traditional furnishings fit well with hand-hewn construction. Also, you can match contemporary décor with smooth and light walls.

Consider drywalls

In most cases, log houses tend to be dark. Even though, the exterior is made of wood and is brighter, the inside can be hard for the eyes. In this case, you should consider building some walls from conventional studs and drywall. Framed walls give you more room to experiment and use wall art, such as decorative paper of paint, not to mention it provides a hiding place for piper and wiring.

Tall walls need filling

If you have a 25-foot-tall wall built in a small log, then it can feel vast and depressive. You need to create a visual break, to balance out the empty vertical space. However, you can fix everything with light fixtures that drop down into the room. On the other hand, you should add pictures or large tapestries that will fill up space. Unique ornaments can also be an excellent choice to create a visual relief.

Pay attention to furniture

Log HouseIn log homes, there is a tendency towards large living rooms that feature even larger furniture. This entirely makes sense, since pieces match the structure of the room and walls and oversized pillows invite comfort and intimacy. But, instead of oversizing everything, you should create different sections and arrange furniture to accommodate different types of activities, like playing games, watching television and reading. Use various size and shape furniture to organize individual furniture groupings.

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