Full service

Buying and building made easy…  Whether we are providing one of our crews to build your new home, helping you find a general contractor in your area, working with you to construct it yourself, or even helping to arrange financing, Granite State takes the worry out of buying and building a log home. When you purchase either a kit or completed home from us, there won’t be any surprises.  All our contracts include an exact price for materials and labor and include detailed descriptions of all components. Our base log home kit includes everything you need to create a weathertight structure including windows, roofing, special caulking — and even nails.

Full ServiceWe make building easy.  At the outset, we provide detailed construction drawings showing comprehensive exterior elevations. We then put the materials together in the most common-sense way so that they can be re-assembled easily.  We pre-assemble every log kit and number each log.  When we pack logs, we do so in reverse order so the first log taken off the truck is the first one in the building series.  Granite State also provides a toll-free telephone number that you can call for consultation during the building process. When you call you will speak with a professional who can provide knowledgeable advice in answer to your questions.

Not many companies can offer you such a comprehensive service as we can, and with us, you will be completely protected. Construction with us is easy; you are only required to tell us your ideas and the rest is our job. Our construction workers with build you a log, organize transportation, assemble everything on the site and install doors and windows.

You can also hire the services of our interior designer. Having a log is often a significant change, and not many people know how to decorate it. You must be wondering whether you should keep the contemporary design or go rustic. That’s where our interior designers come in. We have a team of experts who can help organize your entire home and make you feel comfortable. Leave the heavy work to us, kick back and watch us build you the most fantastic house. If you want to decorate your yard, then we can help you with that as well.