Top three tips to build a log home

Top three tips to build a log home

Many experts say that the appropriate heights for log homes are 20/20 and anyone who has ever built a log cabin can confirm that. However, there is always something that could have been done differently to make your house a better place, no matter how beautiful it is now.

So, before you start this significant project, you should hear a couple of recommendation, that will help you avoid mistakes while constructing your dream house. So, whether you are making home improvement construction, or you are starting a new project, here are the things that will provide outstanding results.

Correctly set up your home on your building lot

Correctly set up your home on your building lot

Trust us; you will enjoy your log house of cabin more if it sits perfectly on your property. You should understand its position, consider each room view, and also where the sun hits. We often hear statements like; I wish I had placed my living room on this side, it would have a better view.

But, it’s usually late for those types of decision because the majority of homeowners don’t think it through.

The trees are an essential asset

Whether you keep your trees or plant new ones, they provide your home with shade and peace you probably will never find. They will shield your property during summer, and once the trees lose leaves, they will expose your house to the sun over winter months.

In this case, you plant whatever you prefer, for instance, a windbreak of pine trees is excellent for protecting your hose from driving winds. This is essential for homes which sit on mountain tops of ridges.

Think about the window placement

Think about the window placement

Even though windows let light inside your log cabin and offer an incredible view, they can also rob your house of energy. Keep in mind that log wall has outstanding insulation properties and the problem is what we take one part of it and replace it with windows, which offer less insulation.

On the other hand, a wall of windows that is continuously exposed to the sun can create too much heat. So make sure you are constructing a home, not a greenhouse.


Three things to know before building a log house

Three things to know before building a log house

Are you considering of building a log home? Log cabins are an excellent place to live in. They can be natural, cozy and warm, all features you don’t get in conventional homes. Their rustic style can make you feel closer to nature and provide you a huge sense of accomplishment. Even though, log home offers a lot of benefits, it is essential to be realistic, when you are investing money in such property. So, let’s look at the list of things that will help you make the right decision.

The actual costs

Log HomeFor people who want large log homes, money isn’t an issue, and they will pay just to make their ideas into reality. On the other hand, the majority of us want a small and simple cabin. When comparing the prices, the average cost to build a cabin is $35 per square foot, and when you add the value of the land, site preparation, foundation and utilities, permits and labor, it can reach a considerable amount. For example, if the kit is $40,000, the final cost will be around $104,000. If you have excellent construction skills, then you can save a bit of money.

Energy efficiency

The materials ability to uphold the heat flow is measured by its R-value. The bigger the value, the better the insulation is. Logs used for construction range in R values, depending on the type of tree you use. They can go from 1.41 per inch for softwood up to 0.71 for hardwood. In this case, if we ignore the advantages of thermal mass, a 6-inch softwood log wall, has an approximate R-value around 8. When we compare this with the traditional wall, their R-value is around 14. You may think that this is a significant disadvantage, but log walls act like batteries, absorbing the energy during the day and radiating it at night.

Log walls settle and shrink

This is a typical condition for log walls. Over the time, they will settle and shrink. The reason behind this is that the trees have a high moisture content and as soon as they are cut down, they start releasing water.

Turn your basement into a comfy room

Turn your basement into a comfy room

Do you have an old and creep basement you use only for storage? If so, then you should consider turning it into a bedroom, which your kids can use or you when you need some break. While this can add more space to your house, it can also be an additional income. Some internet platforms allow you to rent the room and make a profit. You have the endless possibilities; if you are willing to put in a little work, then we are going to show you how.


Depending on where you live and what’s the typical weather, flooding can be an issue. In fact, this a common problem for many homeowners. You can upgrade your sump pumps and make sure that ground outside of the basement dry. Another solution is to coat the basement walls and floor with concrete.


Buy a dehumidifier

This little machine soaks the moisture out of the air. It will keep the consistent temperature and remove the musty smell from the air. You don’t even have to buy a new one, there are a lot of used ones in the market, and it’s beneficial.

Think about the safety

Basements don’t usually have windows, so you need to take an extra precaution. For example, install a fire alarm, and put a fire extinguisher. You should also install carbon dioxide detector and do some tests for radon because they can go through the cement. Also, acquiring a test for mold is an excellent idea, especially if you experienced floods in the past.

Choose a comfy design

While you are transforming your basement into a bedroom, have fun with decorating. Make sure to carefully design the room because someone will actually live and sleep there. This will be a new room in your home, so get your creativity flowing.

Keep it warm

During winter, it is essential for those who live there to feel warm. Heating the basement can be challenging, but you can invest in space heaters which are very helpful. Also, make sure that installation is up to date because it can keep the place warm.

Four reasons to hire a construction company

Four reasons to hire a construction company

When it comes to home construction, some professionals are educated to perform such business, and there are DIY contractors. Of course, you aren’t skilled enough to build an entire house, so you’re going to need some help for such a complex task. But, selecting a competent construction company can make an immense difference between seeing the results in a couple of months, or being stuck in a never-ending project. So, here are some reasons why you should hire a company to build you a home and avoid the ongoing mess.

Discussing the ideas

Construction companyConsidering you are working with professionals, you will have an opportunity to hear their thoughts and recommendations. In most cases, having an expert’s opinion can be very helpful in visualizing the entire projects and imagine the result. You will have a detailed approach, and if some action overcomes your budget, you can just get their advice and work on alternatives. Professionals will brainstorm the ideas and propose you the best solution for your project. You will be working on a daily basis with them, and that will provide them an insight into your plans and enable them to deliver you excellent service that you will be happy with it.

Experience is the key

Professional construction companies have years of experience behind them. They tend to work on various projects, regardless of their size. In this case, they can assist you with anything to provide the best results. The advice they offer is probably backed up with years of experience because they know what they are doing. Whatever problem you encounter, construction experts will be able to solve. If you don’t know what company to hire, then look for one that has a lot of years in this business.

The right skills

Professional construction company doesn’t only have the required experience, but they have a team of people with a specific type of skills. Whether you want your bathroom retiled, or kitchen repainted, they have the right person to perform such task. The most important thing, they will finish the job on time, without necessary delays because you will have the whole team of people at your disposal.  If you want the best result, then you have to work with best people from this industry.

Pricing is accurate

This is an essential factor to consider. With construction companies, you can always expect the precise estimate, which means you will know the price in advance. In this case, you can plan your budget. Many companies know that customers are savvy and they can quickly run the price comparison, that’s why they adjust the prices. But, keep in mind that they will offer you professional service with the quality materials and the best service.


Top five essentials every log house should have

Top five essentials every log house should have

Over the last 50 years, the design and architecture of log homes have changed significantly. In the past, they represented something the only royal family could have, but now the situation has changed. Everyone can construct a log cabin, to get away from a city and find a piece of heaven. This type of home is dynamic, natural and vigorous, but there is so much to learn when it comes to planning and decorating. You will find many challenges ahead of you, but they are just one obstacle towards a sweet log retreat. So, here are top five essentials for your log home.

Décor should match your log

When decorating, you should be careful how the things you choose will fit the log and corner style of your home. For example, rustic and casual styles work best with the rough-peeled and dark logs, while traditional furnishings fit well with hand-hewn construction. Also, you can match contemporary décor with smooth and light walls.

Consider drywalls

In most cases, log houses tend to be dark. Even though, the exterior is made of wood and is brighter, the inside can be hard for the eyes. In this case, you should consider building some walls from conventional studs and drywall. Framed walls give you more room to experiment and use wall art, such as decorative paper of paint, not to mention it provides a hiding place for piper and wiring.

Tall walls need filling

If you have a 25-foot-tall wall built in a small log, then it can feel vast and depressive. You need to create a visual break, to balance out the empty vertical space. However, you can fix everything with light fixtures that drop down into the room. On the other hand, you should add pictures or large tapestries that will fill up space. Unique ornaments can also be an excellent choice to create a visual relief.

Pay attention to furniture

Log HouseIn log homes, there is a tendency towards large living rooms that feature even larger furniture. This entirely makes sense, since pieces match the structure of the room and walls and oversized pillows invite comfort and intimacy. But, instead of oversizing everything, you should create different sections and arrange furniture to accommodate different types of activities, like playing games, watching television and reading. Use various size and shape furniture to organize individual furniture groupings.

Five ways to bring more light into your home

Five ways to bring more light into your home

Many research confirmed that natural light is the number one factor people look for when they are buying a new property. Natural light gives your home brightness, improves mood and creates an illusion of additional space. In larger cities, due to a dense population and limited living area, many homes are darker than they should be. If you want to bring life back to your house and coat it with natural light, then we have a couple of suggestions for you.

Introduce light colors

Light HomeIf your home features wallpapers and dark shades, then remove them right away. Soft colors or shades of white will make your living space feel brighter, as they reflect the natural light throughout your entire house. On the other hand, darker colors just absorb it. But, you should be careful with the white color as well. Brilliant white paint on the walls can make your space feel cold, an off-white will be a better solution, and it will create a warmer effect. Another trick that can help you is to paint the ceiling into a couple of shades lighter than the walls to make an illusion of height and space. In this case, you should select the paint that has a satin finish.

Go glossy in your kitchen

Kitchen and bathroom should feature shiny surfaces on units. Again, this will reflect the light, rather than absorb it. In this case, your space will look brighter and bigger. You should apply this rule to other rooms because reflective surfaces can diffuse the light. For example, you can use metallic, glass and mirrored accessories and they all can help you make the most of the light available and provide a stylish touch to your home. You should be careful with the sizes and shapes you choose. If your home is small, then accessories should match the size of your rooms.

Pay attention to flooring

Floor takes 1/3 of your house, so it plays a vital role in light reflection. Nowadays, you can select various materials, finishes, and patterns. By choosing wooden, ceramic or stone floors with a polished finish, your floor will reflect more light than carpet. However, if the carpet is a more affordable solution for you, then stick to light and neutral colors.

Don’t forget the greenery

If you have a big garden in front of your home, then make sure to trim any trees and plant that prevent the light from entering inside. Many homeowners like to keep climbing plants around the windows and doors, but, that’s very bad for your home and the light you are so desperately trying to catch. If you are one of those owners, get rid of such plants, to have a brighter and more opened home.

Think about larger windows

If you have a budget and you are willing to spend some money, then think about installing more massive windows and doors. This will provide you the best reflection of light, and you won’t have to struggle with darkness anymore.